About Pell

The Name: Pell is a name a friend and fellow writer once suggested to me as a pen name. The full pseudonym is Pell W. Seymoure, and I carry it very close to my heart.

Some Context: I’m an intersectional feminist and a writer – I work with many genres and styles, and though each piece I write is unique, I tend to write about my experiences (whether or not that is through a fictional lense). I am a queer white cis woman, a suicide survivor diagnosed with social and general anxiety, chronic depression, and PTSD.

Something to Keep in Mind: Some of my work could be triggering; I do not shy away from subjects like self-harm, physical and mental trauma, sexual violence or shame, or other such sensitive content. If my work is problematic or blatantly incorrect, I welcome comments and am open to making changes to provide a safe space for my readers.